Hi, I am Jaroslav! 👋🏻

Machine learning engineer and Pythonista, based in Brno. 🇨🇿

I help both individuals and businesses to understand their data. My specialization lies at developing end-to-end machine learning solutions and deploying them into production.

I speak Python and SQL on a professional working level.

Since 2016, I have been providing help to other developers in the Stack Overflow community.




You describe a problem.
I advise you how to solve it.

Data analysis

You provide data.
I analyse the data.

Machine learning

You provide data.
I train and deploy a model.

Do you need to analyze your data, but you don't know how? Do not hesitate to contact me! Based on your request, I will be happy to prepare a workflow plan and a price estimate. I am providing consultations free of charge!

Major clients

Feb 2022 - ongoing

Currently, I am living my dream - I work with my STRV colleagues on various projects for some of the best US startups and world-renowned brands.

Oct 2019 - Jan 2022

Developed, maintained, and monitored 5 machine learning models (pricing and car purchase prediction), created 5 internal Python libraries.

Jul 2018 - Sep 2019

Made over 30 data analyses in Jupyter notebook, created 2 machine learning models, and developed 1 web application using R shiny.


"I worked with Jaroslav on customer data analytics project for our e-commerce customer. I really have to highlight Jaroslav's quick orientation in customer's problems and data, plus his understanding of goals we wanted to achieve. He prepared perfect market basket analysis and was able to clearly and convincingly define, communicate and document the outputs."

Vít Richtr, Lead Business Analyst at Simplity

"I have worked with Jaroslav on time series forecasting. I would like to highlight Jaroslav’s high level of professionalism and his exquisite python programming skills. One can truly read his code like a novel. His ability to quickly prototype solutions to scalably process large datasets is impressive. His programming was always with an end goal in sight, to produce an automated solution for a given analytic task."

Luka Grubišić, Data Sience Team Lead at tvbeat

"I had an opportunity to work with Jaroslav for a couple of years in ML team in an automotive industry and it has been a pleasure! He always understands the problem and gets to the issue at hand. He can document the whole project with ease and integrity. He can deliver on time and present the result in a perfect way. His personality is just as great as his work drive, I will definitely miss seeing him around."

Jakub Řehák, Data Sience Team Lead at Aures Apps